Manawa UMF® 5+ Manuka Honey


Our ancestors used manuka for a range of medicinal purposes and

our honey now demonstrates these same world-famed anti-

bacterial properties. The rating of MG 100+ is the measure of

NPA or non-peroxide activity and is just the same as UMF ratings.

We back ratings on our labels with tests done by an independent



Our manuka honey comes lighter on the palate than most manuka

honeys so can be enjoyed by all. Use our Manuka Honey straight

from the jar every day, in drinks and in your cooking.



Manawa Honey

Manawa Honey NZ has been established to bring unique honeys from the Heart of New Zealand to the world. As traditional gatherers of honey from our forests, you can trust that our honey has been produced with great care and respect for the natural world in which we live - all the way from the forest and the beehive to the jar.

Manawa Rewarewa Honey



Made by the Tuhoe, 'Children of the Mist', guardians of Te Urewera native forest at the heart (Manawa) of New Zealand comes this 100% pure and natural honey, just as the bees make it.

Rewarewa honey is a red amber full bodied honey that is rich in antioxidants and comes from the stunning honeysuckle tree that grows in the vast pristine forests of Urewera.

The ancient forests of the Ureweras offer copious supplies of pollen and nectar, great for bee health, so that the purest honey without contaminating practices is produced.

Use daily. Drizzle over or add to foods and drinks for flavour and nutrition.

Store away from sunlight at less than 20oC.

Proudly New Zealand made with some help from the bees, this honey has been gathered with great care - all the way from forest and the beehive to the jar.


Manawa Rewarewa 110g

Manawa Rewarewa 250g

Manawa Rewarewa 500g



Manawa Tawari Honey


Mossop’s Honey & Ginger is made using Mossop’s Field & Tawari honey and blended with a specially processed ginger in order to maintain the natural flavour and goodness.

Mossop’s Honey & Ginger combines the sweetness of our Field & Tawari honey along with the aromatic spice of ginger. It is a versatile honey, excellent for use in herbal teas, marinades or stir-fries.


Manawa Tawari 110g

Manawa Tawari 250g

Manawa Tawari 500g

Jar Size
Jar Size

Manawa Manuka +5 UMF 110g

Manawa Manuka +5 UMF 250g

Manawa Manuka +5 UMF 500g



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