Merino Wool & Possum Fibre Gloves
Merino Wool & Possum Fibre Gloves

Thermadry Merino Wool & Possum Fibre Gloves and Fingerless Gloves from $26.50 Pair

Available in one colour. Thermadry Merino, Possum & Polyprop stretch gloves and fingerless gloves - keep your hands warm & dry!Thermadry is Made in new Zealand - 22% Possum Fur, 32%Merino Wool, 32% Polypropylene, 14% Elastane

Possum Fur and Merino Wool retains warmth next to the skin. The Possum fur is a hollow core fibre which dosen't freeze in sub zero temperatures.Polypropylene provides wickability to draw the moisture to the exterior of the glove as well as provide a hard wearing outer surface.Elastane gives the glove stretch and a firm fit to the hand. Available in one colour.

Made in new Zealand - The combination of fine NZ merino with a premium grade possum fur produces a fabric unsurpassed for softness and warmth. The possum fibre, although most

obvious on the surface of the fabric, eliminates pilling or balling that can be experienced after repeated wearing of pure wool garments. 60% Merino wool 40% Possum Fur. Hand Washable, Dry Cleanable. 

Colourful Merino Wool & Possum Fibre Gloves  $29.00 Pair

Merino Wool & Possum Fibre Gloves

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